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Your investment enables the Foundation to respond to urgent needs of the Medical Center and the community.
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A gift to the area of greatest need provides Providence St. Mary with flexible funds to ensure the latest technology, equipment and patient-centered programs are available to every individual who requires our care. Having flexible funds available makes it possible for Providence St. Mary to respond quickly to emerging and high-priority needs.

The Foundation funds equipment, technology and other health care programs offered by Providence St. Mary Medical Center. The Greatest Need Fund is an "unrestricted fund" that can be accessed by hospital caregivers and physicians through the Foundation's grant process and enables the Foundation to respond to a variety of local needs.

Unrestricted funds are allocated by the Providence St. Mary Foundation Board of Directors, with thoughtful consideration, and in coordination with local hospital leadership. Funding supports programs and services that would not be possible without the private support of generous donors like you.

Portable Ultrasound

You equipped our Southgate campus with a portable ultrasound to prepare our facility to care for COVID-19 patients. 

Cepheid rapid testing platform

Our community purchased a rapid testing platform to screen for COVID-19 and other viruses to inform our medical staff how to best care for patients. 

Cardiac rehabilitation equipment

You replaced 20-year old equipment used by cardiac rehabilitation patients to keep them safe while they are recovering from a heart attack or other cardiac event. 

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Cepheid Platform with Shelly Sarjeant