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Your support of behavioral health through Providence Foundation restores hope and navigates patients in crisis towards treatment and mental wellness, helping those individuals find the right resources and treatment options to live their best lives.
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Behavioral health is more than mental health. It includes treatment of mental illness as well as emotional well-being, domestic violence, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. At Providence, we are integrating behavioral health care into the primary care setting. By caring for the whole person, we can reduce the reluctance many patients have when seeking help for behavioral health issues.

Our Impact

The impact of your donation truly touches the lives of hundreds of patients and community members every day. Funding from generous donors helps us fund programs and services that benefit patients and their families struggling with issues related to behavioral health. This can include promoting well-being by preventing or intervening in mental illness such as depression or anxiety, but also has an aim at preventing or intervening in substance abuse or other addictions.


Funds special projects and programs in psychiatry. Hospital ER crisis services promptly assesses patients' care needs and refers them for either inpatient or outpatient psychiatric services. Mental Health services include addiction therapy and support, counseling, family support and education, medication prescription management, health evaluations and therapy.

Chemical Dependency

Life can be extremely difficult for someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction—and for their families too. Sometimes the struggle is obvious to outsiders. Other times, it’s not. Often, addiction results in lost jobs, lost relationships and legal trouble. Funds help support programs and services in dealing with alcohol, drug and smoking addictions.

Street Medicine

Our Street Medicine program provides outreach to unhoused individuals providing coordinated care for mental health disorders, substance use disorders, co-occurring MH/SUD disorders and co-occurring physical health problems. Services are provided through our Mobile Health Clinic van at a variety of locations including encampments, shelters, food banks and feeding programs, social services and street/commercial locations. 

Our Philanthropic Needs

  • Street Medicine

    Provides funding for programs and services to help those in need of access to housing, primary care, mental health and substance abuse care.
  • Chemical Dependency Fund

    Provides funding for programs, services and equipment in support of overcoming chemical dependency.
  • Psychiatry Fund

    Provides funding for programs, services and equipment in support of mental health well-being.