Palliative Care

At Providence Hospice and Home Care of Snohomish County

In-home palliative care provides care of the physical needs of patients with serious, life-limiting illnesses and conditions while helping them enjoy life with dignity and respect.
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Through palliative care we work to promote optimum patient comfort through pain and symptom management, stress reduction, and the general well-being of the patient and their family.

Our Objectives

  • Optimize pain and symptom control, through prevention and early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment.
  • Promote the highest quality of life for patient and family.
  • Educate patients and family regarding disease processes and expected course of the illness.
  • Facilitate the exploration of patient and family goals of care. Provides information and education about advance care planning to the patient and family as appropriate to the patient’s clinical status based on the patient’s expressed values, religious or spiritual beliefs, cultural practices, and preferences of care.
  • Facilitate timely access to palliative care services. Assist with the transition to hospice care as needed in the trajectory of their illness.

Palliative Care Services Process

  • Initial and ongoing assessment through patient and family interviews; review of medical records; discussion with other providers; physical examination; and review of laboratory, diagnostic tests, and procedures.
  • Assessment includes evaluation of disease status and treatment history; functional status; prognosis; comorbid conditions; physical/psychosocial symptoms; and advanced care planning.


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