Light Up A Life—Snohomish County

December 2022

An annual community celebration of treasured moments and memories supporting Providence Hospice and Home Care Foundation of Snohomish County
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Date: December 2022
Location: Virtual

Throughout the month of December, Providence Hospice and Home Care Foundation of Snohomish County invites you to remember your loved ones in a special way through Light up a Life.

You may honor your loved one with a gift of:

  • $25 for each Light
  • $100 for an Ornament
  • $250 for a Wreath
  • $500 for a Tree
  • $1,000 for a Grand Tree

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Grand Tree

In Memory of Nanette Abbott
In Memory of Pete David Dubuque
In Memory of Mag and Marjorie Lervick
In memory of Harry H Purpur


In memory of Alvin Gessner
In Memory of Forrest Inslee
In Memory of Lorna Jenkinson
In Memory of Lola Kottsick
In Memory of Hazel Lee
In Memory of Justine M Matthews
In Memory of Don and Lois Solle
In memory of Don and Jean Troyer


In memory of Sandra Gudgel
In Memory of Veronica Hadi
In memory of Linda Klosterman
In memory of Edward McLean
In Memory of Gary Oster
In memory of Arnold Stapnes
In memory of Chris Walsh
In memory of Mike Walsh
In memory of Wally Walsh


In Memory/Honor of

Earl Dean Beach

Jerry W. Bomersheim

Warren Brehmer

Robert J. Brown

Violet Campbell

Richard De Groot

Bert & Peggy Doph

Sara Ann Dowling

Benjami Eng, Sr.

Forest Erickson

Ila Fisher

Barbara J. Hansen

Howard C. Hansen

Shawn Heys

Arlen Hill

Janice Huber

Tina Inglis

Sheila Johansson

Shirley Kalanquin

Donna Kloes

Warren Land


Olav Liland

Machias Fire Station EMTs

Pat Maher

Shirley Mahlum

Sylva Manuela Maleika

Aaron Roy McChesney

Esther McChesney

Lloyd McChesney

Robert McChesney

Dick Morrison

Patricia Moylan

Bill & June Nelson

Raymond N. Nelson

John Newman

Lael North

Rick Oberg

Marion Oberg

Charles Olson

William Passmore

Mildred Pearson

Joe & Dorothy Pereira



Dan Pradera

Frank and Irene Rendler

Carol Riozzi

Francis J. Roche, Jr.

Lynn Rockhill

Glen Ross

Sandy, Mom, Kathy, and Melissa

Gil and Molly Schwarzmiller

Richard Sinnott

Jim and Faye Sofie

Michael (Mee) Souriyavongsa

Max Spooner

David H. Svien

Sophia Tagios

Annette Totton

Lynne Treichler

Gloria Tutton

Colson Wedeven

Lorraine Wedeven

Jessie Wieber

Alice Winslow