Alex was just 76 years old when she died. She had Alzheimer’s. She worked for over 30 years as a teacher. She was also a talented artist. Alex was funny, well-educated, and very involved with everything she undertook.

But in her late 60’s, her memory started to decline. Eventually, she could no longer stay in her home. She moved into an adult family home. Soon after, Providence Hospice and Home Care stepped in to help.

Alex’s hospice nurse visited her regularly. So did a chaplain. Even though Alex could no longer speak, she would respond by smiling, laughing, and patting him on the head - after spending much of her life as a second grade teacher this was how she knew how to communicate. The caregivers loved the attention.

“Providence Hospice and Home Care was so gracious and loving during Alex’s final days,” said her friend, Barb. "The Hospice nurse came the day before and called me to tell me she did not think Alex would last the weekend." says Barb. The nurse said her face and features were nearly translucent and glowing, and she was pretty sure her spirit had already left her body. She passed the next morning and the nurse told Barb that Alex had only returned for her heart. "I can tell you she took a little piece of mine with her," said Barb.

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