I recently had a very sweet patient with dementia who in addition to her memory challenges, presented with poor activity tolerance, weakness, impairments in balance, and minimal caregiver support. She resided in a very small 2 bedroom apartment with her adult daughter, son in law, and 2 adult granddaughters. They all worked full time, except for her son in law who has had several strokes and also needed full time care. My patient’s daughter was working 7 days a week between 2 jobs just so they could make ends meet. Unfortunately, as a result, my patient did not have the 24/7 care that she needs. Getting on and off of the toilet was difficult for her, and often times it would take her multiple attempts to stand up from the toilet. She’s also had multiple falls. She would only shower once in a great while when her daughter had the time to help. During my shower assessment with her, she required hands on assistance to get into the tub. She did have one grab bar and a shower chair but this was not enough to keep her safe. The non-slip bath mat in the tub was not effective at all, and she would have fallen if I was not there to assist her. Ideally having a tub transfer bench would be the best equipment for her, but this would not work in her bathroom due to all the clutter from her daughter’s belongings (my patient shared a room and bathroom with her daughter). Therefore, through the Foundation’s generosity, I was able to get her a new and effective non-skid bath mat, 2 more grab bars, and a raised toilet seat. When I delivered and setup all the equipment, my patient broke out in tears of joy and voiced how grateful she is to our agency. Her fall risk has been minimized because of the bathroom equipment. Again, we had made such an impact in my patient’s life!

Words truly cannot express my sincere gratitude for all the monetary support given to our Foundation to help make an impact in the lives of our patients. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your heartfelt generosity. You are a huge reason of why I love my job, and why I love Providence.



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