Black Tie Bingo

A Virtual Fundraising Celebration

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Celebrating 22 years of Black Tie Bingo—Our Signature Annual Event

Black Tie Bingo is the signature annual event of the Providence Mount St. Vincent Foundation that raises vital funds for the residents and programs at Providence Mount St. Vincent. Funds raised ensure residents of The Mount enjoy a vibrant and loving home, even after their financial resources are exhausted. The peace of mind created for residents by knowing they will never be asked to leave due to their ability to pay is only one aspect of how residents are able to live a life filled with joy, meaning, and purpose. The foundation uses the proceeds from Black Tie Bingo to provide financial support for charity care as well as wonderful life and intergenerational program activities.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $275,000 by joining our virtual celebration!

It is easy to participate!

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You support is genuinely appreciated by the foundation and all who call The Mount “home”. Thank you!