How do you feel when you sit by the ocean and experience the vastness, the power and the sound of the waves? Or can you remember when you were a child lying in the grass and staring up at the shifting shapes of clouds?

Over the last year, Cathy Nilon, Chaplain with the Spiritual Care Department at Providence Mount St. Vincent, has been coming to the aid of residents who are experiencing pain or anxiety with the use of web videos on a laptop computer. The nature videos include beautiful beaches, waterfalls, meadows and clouds accompanied by soothing sounds. Almost all who participate are able to relax and rest easier. The change is significant and almost instantaneous. Director of Spiritual Care Pam Sipos notes that nature and music area both universal pathways to the sacred.

“So much healing happens when someone is able to relax and let go, trusting that God is in charge,” says Pam. “Nature and music elevate us to that place beyond ourselves, often without any conscience awareness of the shift.”

Thanks to our generous donors to the Foundation, The Mount’s Spiritual Care team receives extra support to help residents with their spiritual journey. The Foundation recently received funding (Thank you, Puyallup Tribe of Indians!) for the installation of the Window Channel Network for all residents of The Mount and patients in The Mount’s Transitional Care Unit. With continued support, the network will soon be installed on all TVs within The Mount. The Window Channel, now in over 450 hospitals, has been proven to provide stress release; promote calm; and enhance patient wellbeing.

The Foundation must raise $825 annually to maintain the nature and relaxation channels. Please consider helping to provide this healing and calming experience to residents and patients.

While piloting the Window Channel, Chaplain Cathy has been passionate about this tool, particularly for those nearing the end of life. She has witnessed residents transform from pain-filled, anxious and upset to relaxed, calm and smiling individuals. For residents suffering from chronic pain, these video channels have also proven to be especially beneficial.

“I recall one resident who would stare at her hands in her lap with a tightened, distressed facial expression,” notes Chaplain Cathy. “When seeing the visuals of Hawaiian flowers and hearing the accompanying music, she began to tell me about her vacations with Hawaii being her favorite place. She had many fond memories of her husband and their children. I noticed that her face softened, and she seemed to relax and definitely become calmer.”

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