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Providence Marianwood Foundation

The Greatest Need Fund provides immediate and flexible funding to respond to a variety of urgent needs.
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You Make a Difference

Your gift to the area of greatest needs helps us respond quickly and flexible to the needs of our patient community. This area of funding supports emerging needs like much needed medical equipment and building repairs like call light systems and security cameras to protect our residents' safety. This fund is also used to support special campaigns like a handicapped accessible bus so residents can enjoy regular outings in the community.  

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Our Impact

Assistive Technology

Donors who gave generously during the pandemic helped our patients and residents have virtual visits with loved ones, easing their fears and loneliness during a difficult time. 

Improved Patient Safety

Thanks to your gifts, Providence Marianwood was able to install call light systems and security cameras to improve our patients' safety.  

Community Outings

Gifts to the Greatest Need fund helped us purchase a handicapped-accessible bus so that our residents can enjoy regular outings like picnics, zoo trips, botanical garden visits and more. 

Our Philanthropic Needs

  • Bladder Scanner

    Bladder Scanner

    A bladder scanner is a portable, hand-held ultrasound device that can perform a quick, easy and non-invasive scan of the bladder to measure urine retention. Providence Marianwood currently has a single bladder scanner nearing the end of its life. Two bladder scanner--one in the long term care unit and one in the transitional care unit--would improve care of our residents.
  • iSTAT device

    i-STAT Machine

    i-STAT machines are lightweight portable testing devices that provide quality, quick results in a matter of minutes for a large number of tests including sodium, potassium, INR, troponin, hemoglobin, hematocrit, lactate and blood gas capability. i-STAT machines would allow labs to be quickly and efficiently done at patients' bedsides and provide real time results, allowing us to better guide our care for patients and reduce trips to the hospital for testing.
  • EKG machine

    EKG Machine

    EKG/ECG electrocardiogram or electrocardiography is used to assess patients experiencing chest pain for a potential infarct, ischemia or any other arrhythmia. Having an EKG machine, partnered with an i-STAT machine would allow clinicians to make informed decisions about care for our patient right at bedside, ideally improving outcomes and reducing the need to send patients to the hospital for evaluation.
  • EKG machine

    Computer-on-Wheels (COW)

    Computers-on-wheels allow the nursing staff to chart at bedside (or outside patients' doors) as they are moving through their rounds. Additional computers would improve the efficiency of staff as they provide routine care for patients.

A Purpose to Shine

Margo Collins

Margot first came to Marianwood as an outpatient for physical therapy following spinal cord surgery. In 2015, Margot was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis while still living at home. She had the support of friends and neighbors but her condition quickly got worse. Margot began falling and was unable to take care of herself. Cooking and bathing became a challenge and she did not want to be a burden on others. She felt it was time to make a move to a place where she could receive full time skilled nursing care.

Today, Margot has found a permanent home at Marianwood. “The caregivers make me feel important. They approach me. Marianwood has given me a purpose to shine and be there for others.” Margot has also become an advocate for many of the other residents. She runs the resident council of ten members and is a strong voice to ensure resident rights are delivered and co-leads resident group activities like bingo and exercise therapy.

The number of older adults, like Margot, who come to Marianwood in need of care has only increased in recent years. Thanks to generous donors like you, Providence Marianwood is able to provide much needed funds to support charitable care and a wonderful life for our aging residents and patients, many of whom have outlived their financial resources.

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