Your health changes as you age, and for those age 50 and older, the Kadlec Community Health – Healthy Ages program is a great way to stay involved and informed about your changing health care needs.

Carrie Swift, a registered dietitian nutritionist at the Kadlec Healthplex, has been involved with the Healthy Ages programming for several years, often presenting nutrition and diabetes information to members. However, she recently had the opportunity to sit on the opposite side of the classroom when she and her husband Neil took part in one of the monthly Medicare classes.

“The Medicare seminars are so helpful for people because it is not an easy thing to figure out on your own!” said Carrie. “Being able to understand the options and how to make an informed decision is very beneficial.”

The two-hour class covers Medigap plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Plans, and how Employer or Retiree Plans can work alongside Medicare, as well as updates on any current changes to the program.

In addition to these classes, Healthy Ages members also enjoy individualized Medicare assistance, monthly wellness seminars with specially trained personnel, informative newsletters, and other additional programs such as Mall Walkers for those looking to stay active and healthy. Kadlec Foundation is proud to support these free programs and more as a part of our commitment to enhancing the health of our community.

All individuals and couples age 50+ are invited to become members of the free Healthy Ages program. To join or learn more, please call Cathy Manderbach at 509-942-2700.


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