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Help bring the most advanced new medical technology, research, and treatments to Providence Everett.
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When you or someone you love has a medical emergency, you want the most advanced technology and treatment for them. That’s why investing in leading-edge care for trauma, heart, and neurosciences is a priority at Providence Everett. Philanthropy fuels innovation and excellence so our top-notch physicians and teams are equipped to deliver the most advanced care—right here, close to home.

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More Trauma Surgeons, Specialists & Operating Rooms

With your support, we are strengthening our trauma team by adding trauma surgeons as well as other trauma-specific specialists including neuro, orthopedic, ophthalmic, maxillofacial and ENT surgeons. You’ve helped us build two, and eventually three more operating rooms—one exclusively dedicated to trauma to provide around-the-clock access for emergent trauma surgery.

Innovative, Life-Saving Heart Labs

For more than two decades, Providence Everett has earned national recognition, consistent honors, and a reputation of excellence in cardiac care. Donor support is helping raise the bar even higher by adding or upgrading five catheterization and electrophysiology labs to offer the most current and comprehensive care for our cardiac patients.

Elevating Stroke Care

Because of donor support, we’re elevating Providence’s award-winning stroke program by adding technology and specialists who can remove blood clots from the brain with a tiny catheter to quickly restore blood flow. Thanks to you, we are now able to treat every kind of stroke—any day, around the clock—at Providence Everett.

Increased Rehabilitation Services

We are enhancing our trauma rehabilitation program to help patients heal, get back on their feet, and return to their lives. This includes physical therapists to assist patients after all types of injuries.

Enhancing Spinal & Neurosurgery

Philanthropy helped Providence Everett purchase the state’s first robotic guidance system for spinal and neurosurgery. This technology is like a GPS for the spine—it guides surgeons to place rods or screws into bone with more than 99% accuracy. This safely spares major blood vessels, nearby nerves, or other structures of the spine to reduce blood loss, scar tissue, radiation exposure, and post-operative pain.

Prevention & Education

As we get better at treating trauma injuries, heart disease, and neuro disorders and diseases, we must also focus on prevention. You can help support robust education and prevention programs that can stop injuries and diseases before they start and help our community stay safe and healthy.

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