Area of Greatest Need

At Providence General Foundation - Everett

When you make a gift to the Area of Greatest Need you allow us to direct your donation to where it's needed most.
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Give Where It's Needed Most


Your gift to the Area of Greatest Need allows our Foundation and Hospital to respond quickly to our community's most pressing healthcare needs. These needs might include a new piece of medical equipment, restocking the clothes closet in the Emergency Department, education and training for our caregivers or flu shots for those who couldn't otherwise afford them.

Our Mission

It's Providence's mission to serve the poor and most vulnerable. Your unrestricted gift help us provide care for those that need it most. 


We're able to react quickly when costly equipment must be replaced, a community need arises or a program or service needs to expand. 

Equipment and Programs

This fund gives us the flexibility to invest in not-otherwise-funded technology or programs.

Our Philanthropic Needs

  • Advancing Technology

    The Area of Greatest Need Fund allows us to upgrade, maintain or purchase the most advanced equipment and technology for our growing population. When a medical team comes to us with a request that can save or enhance lives, we’re able to quickly get them the tools they need to do that. Often, these needs arise without the time for a new hospital budget cycle or fundraising campaign.
  • Community Outreach

    The Area of Greatest Need Fund supports the health of our community, beyond our hospital and clinic walls. It might equip a mountain rescue team with medical monitoring equipment, help pay for mental health counselors at Boys & Girls Club camps or provide basic health care through programs that reach the most vulnerable. This fund allows us to be nimble and ready meet a community need.

Clothe the Hurting

Racks of men's and women's shirts, pants, socks, and underwearIf you’ve ever had to wear a hospital gown, you know they aren’t usually the most modest or stylish of outfits. It’s one thing to wear one while being treated, but you’d probably be cold or embarrassed to wear a gown outside the hospital.

That’s exactly how Providence Everett’s “ED Clothes Closet” came to be. Emergency Department caregivers wanted a way to help patients after their clothing had been damaged from the illness or accident that landed them in the Emergency Department.

“They were struggling to send people home in real clothes, instead of the gowns,” said Wendy Turner, Manager of Volunteer Services.

Volunteer Services now oversees the closet, keeping it well stocked with all sizes of sweats, shirts, undergarments and socks. What began as just a few items collected by the ED staff has grown to an organized program that gives out 150 to 200 articles of clothing each month to patients being discharged from the ED.

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