Sports Theme

Walk-a-thon – Hold a walk at your organization or school and raise money through a competition or by asking for pledges-per-step from family and friends.

Bowl-a-thon – A casual event where participants from teams to bowl and raise money. Secure donation by having friends and family pledge funds per frame or game.

Bike-a-thon – Participants seek pledges per mile or overall miles raced. Another approach is rolling charitable contributions into the race fees.

Tennis or Ping Pong Match – In these tournaments players compete until a champion rises to the top. Funds are raised through sponsorship and entry fees.

Golf Outing – An event where teams of four compete against each other for the best score. Funds are raised by an entry fee which usually includes dinner (sometimes lunch or breakfast) and drinks. Many times a silent auction will be held to obtain additional funds. Difference areas of the golf course will be “sold” as sponsorships to help cover cost and increase the amount of money raised.

Hole-in-One – Drum up a friendly completion between co-workers or department by setting up a putting green and inviting people to get lucky on the links - $1 each swing.

Softball tournaments – Set up a tournament where teams will compete against each other, and then the winners of each game complete until a victor is chosen. Funds are raised through sponsorships and entry fees.

March Madness – Sink a three pointer from a make shift basketball hoop at the office or school (inside or outside), and bracket your participants for a game of HORSE or a 3-point shot competition - $1 a shot to play.

Amazing Race – Host a day filled with fun challenges and events and collect pledges for each successful attempt.

Fishing Tournament – An event where teams are formed who fish together. The winner is determined by the largest total weight of their fish. Money is raised through the entry fee for the tournament.

For a Cause

Coin Wars – Set up a contest where departments compete against each other to raise funds by putting money in a large jar or containers during an allocated time.

Crazy Hats/Jeans Day – Participants donate $1-$5 (you set the amount) to wear something that normally is not allowed as part of the dress code.

Yes You Can! – Set up collection bins and encourage everyone to toss in their empty aluminum cans. One each week, have the department who’s collected the least poundage deliver the cans to a recycling center, and one each month send the proceeds to PHC Foundation.

Keep it Casual

Cutest Pet Contest – Bring photos of your cat, dog, bird, reptile, insect, fish, etc…, pay a $5 entry fee to post the image in a central location, and then pay $1 per cutest-pet-ever vote. Have a prize for the winner. You could even have a “who looks most like their pet” contest.

Used Book/CD Sale – Clean out that book shelf for a good cause! Ask employees to bring in their gently used books, CDs, video games, and DVDs and hold a sale.

Car Show – Invite care enthusiasts to drive their classic cars to a designated place where attendees can pay to view them. Money is raised by charging an entry fee for each classic car and by charging an admission fee to the event.

Car Wash – Soap + Water + Suits = A sure fire fundraiser! Put on a car wash asking for minimum donations for washing a car.

Prime Parking Raffle – This space reserved for: the highest bidder! Every company/school has one or two prime parking spaces – auction or raffle the use of the primo spots for a week, a month, or a quarter.

Percent of Sales at Restaurant or Shop – Propose a local retailer donate a portion of sales for one day (or more) to the Foundation.

Battle of the Bands or Fundraising Concert – Throw a concert fundraiser at a local venue. Money is raised through tickets sale to attend the event.

Holiday Related – This is an easy fundraiser to plan! Simply throw a holiday party that would interest your family, friends, and/or co-workers and charge a door fee to be given.

Foodie Fundraisers

Backyard BBQ – Invite friends and neighbors for an informal BBQ where you provide the main course and request guests bring a side dish. Announce in advance that you’re raising funds for the Foundation and suggest per person or per family contribution. Or pay to vote on best dish.

Get your Grub On! – Invite employees to submit their favorite family recipes then compile the foodie formularies into a company cookbook. Self-publish the collection then sell to friends, family, and co-workers.

Ice Cream Social – Whatever your frozen-sweets weakness, gather up the office and treat yourself. Work with your favorite ice cream vendor to sell ice cream cones at lunch and donate the proceeds.

Chili Cook-off – Beans, no beans, Texas style or vegetarian, it seems that everybody believes they have a winning chili recipe. Participants sign up to bring in their best chili and then sell tasting tickets for $1 each. The participant with the most votes is Chili Champion.

Pancake Breakfast – On a Friday morning have 3-4 employees bring in electric griddles and the goodies, then stack ’em up! Charge a few bucks for a warm, delicious breakfast.

Kid FUNraisers

Lemonade & Cookies – Kids set up a neighborhood lemonade stand and ask mom or dad to help make a few treats. Make sure to put up a sign advertising you will give a glass of lemonade to the customer for a donation.

Bake Sale – Kids work with their parents to set up a bake sale, either at school or church, where they can sell baked goods. Have each item individually prepared and marked with a price.

Dance Party – Hold a dance or mixer at your school and ask attendees to donate to attend.

School Spirit Day – For $5 donation, dress in your school spirit wear or a jersey, t-shirt, sweatshirt or baseball cap of their favorite sports team.

Recognition Day – Sell balloons, cupcakes, flowers, candy, cards, etc. to be given to students on a designated day.

Switch Places with the Principal – Students who buy raffle tickets for the chance to take on the role of Principal for an hour, an afternoon, or a full day.

Lunch with the Principal – One student, who buys raffle tickets, will be the lucky winner for the chance to have lunch with the Principal.

Carnival – Throw a friendly event with carnival type games, face painters, and even a clown or two for fun. Money is raised by charging an entry fee.

Personal Letter Writing/Email Campaign – Tell your family and friends why you are helping Providence Inland Northwest Foundation and how you need their help to make a difference in the lives of the patients and families at the medical center.

Senior Projects


Blankets – All sizes welcome, flannel and fleece are preferred (no knits/crochet).

Pillows – All sizes welcome, used in Pediatric ICU.

Organize a Toy Drive for Patients – Fun party supplies for kids such as decorations, invitations, games, party favors, and toys (new toys only, please!).

Assemble a Craft Kit

Decorations for IV poles


Guidelines for Planning Your Event

We know you’ll represent the very best of what Providence stands for by following these guidelines. If you have any questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact Tony Schuh at 509-474-2103 or  send an email. Thank you for your help!

Financial Guidelines

  • Your group is responsible for all expenses related to the event.
  • The foundation’s fundraising policy prohibits the use of telephone solicitation for contributions from the general public.
  • All raffles must be licensed in accordance with state law. If you wish to conduct a raffle you must obtain your own license. For more information, please contact the Washington State Gambling Commission at
  • In accordance with IRS regulations, the individual or organization conducting the fundraiser is responsible for disclosing to donors the exact dollar amount or percentage of their gift that will benefit the foundation.
  • All necessary permits and certificates of insurance required by city ordinance or otherwise are the responsibility of your fundraising group.
  • All proceeds from the event should be submitted to Providence Inland Northwest Foundation within 45 days after the event, along with a final report of total funds raised and expenses.

Language and Logo Usage

  • When naming your fundraising event, the Providence hospital or program should be identified as the beneficiary, but not as part of the name of the event. For example: “5K Fun Run to benefit Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital,” NOT “Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital 5K Run.” Please include the following disclaimer on promotional information: “Providence Inland Northwest Foundation (or hospital or program) name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position.”
  • Printed materials and other messaging must be reviewed and approved by the foundation before usage.
  • Providence Inland Northwest Foundation will provide you with any applicable logos and guidelines for usage, as applicable.

Sponsorship and In-Kind Donations

  • If you plan to approach businesses for support (sponsorship, in‐kind gifts, donations for live or silent auctions, promotion, etc.), please provide a list of prospective contacts to Providence Inland Northwest Foundation before requesting donations. Many local organizations already support the foundation and we want to avoid multiple requests to our partners. We may also have suggestions about your solicitations, based on our professional experience.
  • It is reasonable and customary for donors to receive an acknowledgement of their donations. At the conclusion of your event, either provide each donor written documentation acknowledging the contribution, or provide individual donor and donation information (including name, address and amount of gift) to the foundation, so that we may appropriately acknowledge them.


  • Your fundraising group is responsible for recruiting volunteers to support your event.
  • For confidentiality reasons, the foundation cannot release donor, volunteer or staff lists to an individual, company, group or organization. In addition, the foundation does not sell goods or services to our donors, volunteers or staff from outside organizations.