Compassionate Caregiver

Micaela (Mica) Mitchell, RN, BSN is a nurse on South 6 orthopedic floor. Mica received the DAISY Award on April 28. The DAISY Award recognizes extraordinary nurses for providing compassionate, exceptional, and skillful care to their patients.

"The thing that keeps me most motivated to provide a great level of care to my patients is that I truly just want to be Jesus' hands and feet to my patients. I’m also motivated to do my best because I want to do it for the glory of God! And when I do it for the glory of God I am happy with my work life! And I am happy to take care of my patients!"  Mica expressed.

When Mica isn't working, she spends her time caring for her 15-month-old son, Kai, and her husband. Mica enjoys activities outside and her daily devotional in the morning.

We are blessed to have caregivers like Mica, who glorify God and care so deeply for our mission. Thank you, Mica!

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