Camp Erin is a free, weekend-long camp for kids who have experienced the death of a family member, friend or other significant person.

It can be challenging for parents and other caregivers to know what to do or say and how to help children who are hurting. Trained grief therapists and a dedicated group of volunteers support campers throughout the weekend.

Campers engage in typical camp activities like swimming, archery, movie night and bouncing in inflatable castles. Those are balanced with sharing circles, memory boards and one-on-one care from trained adults. Campers floated luminaries on the water on Saturday night in remembrance of loved ones. All of the activities are designed to help campers express their grief and develop resiliency.

“Breakthroughs and healing showed in subtle and monumental ways as campers, volunteers and staff embraced the meaning of the Camp Erin Pledge: I care for you; you care for me; we care for each other, at Camp Erin,” said Christi Crowley, camp director.

Thanks to you, children at Camp Erin find community to help one another grieve, heal and hope again. Your generosity gives the campers a place to fit in and shows them that they are not alone


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