What is the Providence Giving Campaign?

The Providence Giving Campaign is an annual fundraising drive organized by the 10 Providence Foundations in Oregon. Caregivers are encouraged to participate and support Providence programs and ministries that are meaningful to them.

The campaign gives each employee an opportunity to give back and personally make a difference in the life of a patient, a co-worker or a member of the community.

Caregivers are invited to set up a recurring payroll deduction (minimum $2 per pay period) or one-time donation online or print a donation form.

What are the Providence Foundations?

As a not-for-profit health system, Providence relies on the fundraising efforts of its 10 Foundations in Oregon to provide programs and services that otherwise would not be available.

Each of the eight Providence medical centers in Oregon has a foundation team; in addition, Providence Benedictine Nursing Center and Providence Child Center have foundations.

Your support of these programs and services helps give all patients access to the most advanced research, technology, services and programs.

Learn more: https://foundation.providence.org/oregon

Where does the money go?

Donations go directly to the Providence Foundation(s) and fund(s) that you specify.

You can split your gift among as many programs as you like. Click here to print the Multiple Foundations form.

If you donate to this year’s Helping Hand Fund, your gift goes directly to help eligible caregivers with one-time assistance during a time of need or financial crisis. Providence Federal Credit Union is generously matching donations to the Helping Hand Fund up to $50,000.

What payment options are available?

  • The first deduction will occur the next open pay period (1-2 weeks) after you signup. The minimum deduction is $2 per pay period. Your deduction will occur each pay period until, or if, you ever decide to stop. If you want to make a change to your payroll deduction, please email OR.Foundations@providence.org with your full name, employee number and detailed descriptions of the request with the foundation and fund if applicable.
  • Check: Checks are also accepted at all of our local foundation offices.

How do I make a gift?

  • Online: Payroll deduction provides the easiest way to contribute to the Giving Campaign. You also may make a one-time gift online with a credit card. Donate online.
  • Paper Form: You are also welcome to complete a paper form to sign up for the campaign. Forms may be mailed or dropped off at your local foundation office. Download forms.

How do I designate which fund(s) my money goes to?

Select the Providence Foundation(s) and fund(s) you want to support. If you don’t see the fund listed, you always have the option to select “Other” to designate a specific area you want to support.

What is the Helping Hand fund?

The Helping Hand Fund is available to eligible Providence caregivers in Oregon who are experiencing a financial crisis and/or need extra support. The fund is administered by a third party, and caregivers' information is kept confidential.

We are grateful to our community partner, Providence Federal Credit Union, for providing a match of up to $50,000 that is donated to the Helping Hand Fund. That means your gift counts twice!

What does “area of greatest need” mean?

During the year, each ministry always has more needs than can be funded out of the annual operations budget. This can include things such as new technology/equipment, new buildings or expansions, and free or reduced cost of care for vulnerable patients. This “area of greatest need” fund helps fill in those gaps to better serve our patients and communities.

Each foundation’s board of trustees carefully determines where and how the “area of greatest need” gifts will be used within its specific ministry.

How much should I contribute and is my contribution tax deductible?

Making a contribution is a personal decision, and any amount is welcome and appreciated. All contributions to Providence Foundations are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law.

If you would like to set up a payroll deduction, please note the minimum deduction is $2 per pay period.

If I choose payroll deduction, when will my deduction begin?

Your first deduction will be the next open pay period (1-2 weeks) after you sign up and will continue each pay period until, or if, you tell us otherwise. That means your payroll deduction will continue in 2022 and beyond, unless you tell us to stop. This is different than how we've done payroll deductions in the past.

The minimum deduction is $2 per pay period.

Who can I contact if I need to make changes to my payroll deduction or donation?

Please contact foundation staff at OR.Foundations@providence.org to change your payroll deduction amount or the funds you are supporting. Please include your full name, employee number and detailed descriptions of the request with the foundation and fund if applicable.