For people who need to be discharged from the hospital but don’t have stable housing to return to, Project Turnkey aims to provide a solution.

The Oregon Legislature created Project Turnkey in 2020 to create temporary housing for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless or were displaced by the wildfires that occurred that year. The Oregon Community Foundation manages the distribution of the funds and in 2021, the city of Medford received a grant to purchase and renovate the 47-room Redwood Inn in downtown Medford.

As part of the project, Providence will have two rooms reserved exclusively for Providence Medford Medical Center patients discharged from the hospital who face unstable or no housing. Thanks to your support, these decompression rooms were renovated to be appropriate for recuperative care.

While staying in a decompression room, patients will receive low-level medical care and consult with housing placement services to either connect them with another shelter or transitional housing option once they are cleared to leave. Rogue Retreat, a nonprofit that supports the homeless population, manages the hotel and works with other agencies to provide additional supportive services with the goal of moving each person into permanent housing.

“The decompression units will help medically vulnerable patients recover in a clean, safe environment with water and electricity,” said Angela Baker, MSN, RN, RN manager, care management. “In the first month, these rooms served five patients who needed oxygen, home health care and wound care. Rogue Retreat helped them into transitional housing. This not only helped to open acute hospital beds but eased the way of transition of care for these patients.”