Heart Care

Providence Warrenton Health Clinic

Help expand our heart services in this community by funding cardiac care. Together, we will bring life-changing cardiac rehabilitation and heart disease prevention and wellness services to north coast residents.
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Bringing heart health and inspiration to Oregon's north coast


In Oregon, the facts are alarming: 1 in Oregonians dies of heart disease, and 63% of adults have at least one of the top three heart disease risk factors. As our older population grows, Oregon faces a tidal wave of heart disease. 

Your gift will help provide cardiac rehabilitation, add classes and wellness programs, and support patients in their journey to greater heart health.


Basecamp provides prevention and wellness programming to help patients begin or continue their journey toward a healthy life.

Improved physical and emotional condition

A comprehensive cardiac rehab program improves the lives of people with heart disease. Some benefits of rehab include fewer second heart attacks and hospital readmissions, improved diabetes management, healthier eating habits and greater well-being.

Improved patient support

Keeping your care close to home allows you to focus on your recovery, both for your convenience and with support from friends and family. 


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