In 2021, thanks to donor support, five scholarships were awarded to Providence Seaside Hospital caregivers.

The scholarships are used for tuition or other direct education expenses. “We have employees who want to move up from entry-level positions, but they need financial assistance to succeed,” said Jason Plamondon, chief nursing officer, Providence Seaside Hospital. “Having the foundation and donors step up to help keep our caregivers in Seaside is remarkable. We are so thankful for their support.”

Emergency department technician Katie Lamping says, “My health care goal is to become a physician’s assistant, where I can medically care for the most vulnerable with a greater scope of practice than I currently have.”

Chloe Mason, medical assistant, has wanted to help people since she was 15. The urgent need for nurses was a catalyst in deciding to pursue her Bachelor of Nursing. “I also made the decision to go back to school to show my children to never give up on your dreams,” she said.

Cassidy Swick, emergency department technician, is pursuing a career in nursing. “I have witnessed first-hand how COVID has affected so many lives,” she said. “As a nurse I will be able to serve my community and give back to them in a time of need.”

Alex Hernandez, emergency department technician is pursuing a career in nursing. “I make sure to treat every patient that I encounter with the same level of care I would expect for my own family.”

Stephanie Jaworski, medical assistant, plans to become an emergency department nurse when she finishes her studies. “Providence holds a special place in my heart,” she said. “It has been my goal to work in the community that has had a part in raising me.”

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