Thanks to your generosity, in 2017 we brought Tomosynthesis (Tomo) or 3D mammography to Providence Seaside Hospital.

The quality of the image in Tomo is very detailed, which can help improve cancer detection rates and decrease callback rates, giving patients more peace of mind. Radiologists are able to detect small cancers earlier with greater accuracy in identifying the size, shape and location of any abnormalities.

Fewer biopsies and tests are required with Tomo. In 2020, we added new, minimally invasive breast biopsy capabilities for north coast patients. This technology is used for patients with an abnormality detected on their mammogram or breast ultrasound.

With this new specialized equipment, patients who need to have a suspicious area examined in more detail can have it done close to home.

Historically, if a biopsy was needed, the patient had to travel to Portland or one of our other hospitals. “This is really significant for our community,” said Tim Hardin, diagnostic imaging manager, Providence Seaside Hospital. “We are now able to provide biopsies locally without having to send patients to Portland or elsewhere. And we use the same team of radiologists who perform these specialized biopsy procedures at Providence St. Vincent to provide patients with the same high caliber of care.”

Since the installation of the Tomosynthesis machine, we have increased the number of mammograms done at Providence Seaside. The new biopsy equipment will help continue this trend by allowing patients to have the test performed locally without hours of travel.


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