Providence Neurosurgical Fellowship

Providence Brain and Spine Institute has a vision of preparing neurosurgical doctors for clinical excellence, leadership roles and conducting research in the field of neurosurgery through our fellowship program.

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Training the next generations

Our world-class neurosurgeons feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to train the “next generation” of  neurosurgeons as well identifying care options for untreatable or incurable diseases affecting the brain.

Fellowships typically offer opportunities for newer neurosurgeons to practice alongside seasoned surgeons or for seasoned neurosurgeons to learn new techniques from their peers and other fellows.

At Providence, neurosurgical fellows practice alongside some of the best neurosurgeons who will teach and guide
them in the operating room, in clinical practice, and with clinical trials and original research.

While at Providence, fellows learn to care for the whole patient working with a comprehensive team of caregivers. After completing a fellowship, fellows are eligible for hire at Providence or elsewhere. However, after working alongside the team at Providence many choose to stay. This adds to the neurosurgical knowledge and skill for our growing community.

How you can help

With your support, we can provide Dr. Deshmukh and his colleagues with the resources they need to train the best and brightest neurosurgeons in Oregon.

Neurosurgical Fellowship: $150,000 needed
Creating a thriving and vibrant neurosurgical fellowship program is the highest priority for Providence’s neurosurgical  program because it adds to the knowledge of neurosurgeons, not just in Portland but across the state and country. As the population expands and ages, the need for highly trained neurosurgeons is more acutely felt. The neurosurgical  fellowship helps to address this need.

Your gift will help us train the next generation of neurosurgeons.

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