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Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center is privileged to care for more than 4,000 patients and their families. It is the largest MS center in the Pacific Northwest.

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Multiple Sclerosis Research

Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center was founded in 2001 by Stanley Cohan, M.D., with the goal of finding new ways to improve quality of life for people living with MS. Over the last 22 years, Dr. Cohan and his colleagues have been involved in groundbreaking research, including the founding of the National African Americans with MS registry.

The research led by Dr. Cohan and his colleagues plays a critical role in clinical care, expanding the general knowledge of MS and influencing therapeutic recommendations by physicians around the world. Both their clinical research and their basic research in animals seeks new and novel therapeutic agents for MS. Much of this groundbreaking, translational research is funded through philanthropic support. 

Annual MS Research Update

Featuring Stanley Cohan, M.D., Ph.D., medical director, Providence MS Center

Research matters. It changes how care is delivered and offers hope for the future. Much of what we know today about multiple sclerosis was learned through research at Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center.

Dr. Cohan reports on his team’s most exciting research studies – many of which were funded by donors like you. 
  • How AI is helping to detect disease progression earlier and what we hope to learn about the efficacy of current therapies
  • How our registries are helping to address care disparities and promote health equity for people with MS
  • What we’re learning about genomic sequencing and what it means for future MS patients

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