Behavioral Health

At Providence, we are working to change how we care for our patients with behavioral health needs.

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Behavioral health is more than mental health. It includes the treatment of mental illnesses as well as emotional well-being, domestic violence, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. At Providence, we are integrating behavioral health care into the primary care setting. By caring for the whole person, we can reduce the reluctance many patients have when seeking help for behavioral health issues.  

Our Philanthropic Needs

Your donation to any of the initiatives below can advance critical behavioral health programming throughout the state of Oregon: 

  • Better Outcomes thru Bridges (BOB)

    The BOB program serves some of our community’s most vulnerable and underserved people. Our goal is to empower individuals on their journey toward better well-being by engaging with compassion, dignity and integrity.
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit at Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center

    This unit offers treatment programs for children up to 17 years old. Our programs are age-appropriate and flexible to individual needs using problem-solving approaches. Family involvement is encouraged during treatment as well as with care planning and discharge planning.
  • Senior Psychiatric Unit at Providence Milwaukie Hospital

    This unit provides short-term inpatient behavioral health services for patients 65 and older. Our safe and secure environment allows patients to maintain as much normalcy in their everyday routines as possible. Family involvement is highly encouraged to ensure a smooth transition back home or to a residential care facility.