Kyle, husband and father of two young boys, discovered he had thymoma, which is cancer of the thymus. An aggressive tumor in his chest was nearly the size of a grapefruit.

Kyle’s treatment was also aggressive, involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Still, the cancer returned four times, showing up in his spine, lungs and chest.

Two years ago, Kyle learned about a clinical trial at Providence Cancer Institute Franz Clinic for individuals with advanced solid tumors. As part of a Phase 1 trial, Kyle was treated by Rachel Sanborn, M.D. with a new immunotherapy drug called Lorigerlimab.

Today, Kyle’s scans show minimal scarring but no signs of cancer.

“One of my main goals is I did not want to be remembered by stories or in photos. I wanted my children to feel me, touch me, know me and hear my voice.”

Thanks to this philanthropy-supported clinical trial, Kyle’s wish was granted.


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