Thanks to early detection and advancements in research, fewer people are dying from many types of cancer. Uterine cancer is one of the exceptions. It continues to be deadly and especially for Black women who are twice as likely to die from uterine cancer as white women. 

The Providence Gynecologic Oncology program was founded in 2020 to give all women a better chance of successfully treating uterine cancer and other female reproductive tract cancers. Led by medical director Christopher Darus, M.D., patients are given access to advanced therapies including leading-edge clinical trials. Providence Cancer Institute currently has the most clinical trial options for gynecologic cancer patients in the state of Oregon.  

Local resident Charlene Johnson is grateful for Dr. Darus and the Providence team for administering life-saving treatment. Charlene was shocked to learn she had a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer found in the lining of the uterus. She had no pain or cancer symptoms and yet her cancer had advanced to stage IV. 

Dr. Darus performed a minimally invasive surgery using robotic technology funded by Providence donors. Charlene is now enrolled in a clinical trial at Providence Cancer Institute that includes chemotherapy and potentially immunotherapy to continue to fight the cancer. 


Dr. Christopher Darus