In 2022, generous donations to Providence Newberg Health Foundation funded a SAVI Scout Radar Localization System, which enables surgical oncologists to perform breast cancer surgery that is less traumatic for patients.

The SAVI SCOUT is a small metallic reflector (about the size of a grain of rice) that a radiologist places inside the cancerous breast tissue before surgery. The reflector is so small the patient doesn’t feel it. This clinically proven, FDA-approved, wire-free approach uses a radar signature to detect the reflector, guiding surgeons to tumors and breast lesions.

“Breast cancer patients are well informed. They tend to participate in online chats and support groups,” said Janelle Yutzie, M.D., a breast cancer surgeon who practices at Providence Newberg Medical Center. “They know what’s out there and what their options are. Without this equipment, a patient might go to another facility or health care provider, and once that happens, they don’t return to us.”

Using the SAVI SCOUT, Dr. Yutzie can make smaller incisions, be more precise and save more of the patient’s healthy breast tissue. It also means a less painful and quicker recovery. “Our goal is to elevate exceptional care, close to home. Having the SAVI SCOUT Radar Localization System is a huge plus for Providence Newberg, allowing us to offer the best possible care for our breast cancer patients. We now have everything that larger hospitals are able to offer their breast cancer patients.”