Thanks to your support, the doctors in the Family Medicine Residency Program have a new training model that simulates the birth process. The Sophie and Sophie’s Mum simulator stretches and moves. According to program director Justin Osborn, M.D., “it has the feel of a real delivery and provides superior training.”

“It can also be used to simulate a high-risk emergency setting,” said Dr. Osborn. “Being well trained on handling these emergencies is critical for the safety of the mother and infant.” All residents are required to have training in delivering a baby. Having the ability to run hands-on simulation drills gives residents the confidence to handle possible emergency situations that may occur.

“We recently had a training session where we used the simulator to practice placing Foley balloons (a tool for inducing labor) and placing intrauterine pressure catheters,” said Hanna Kadavy, M.D. “Having the opportunity to practice these skills on a simulator allows faculty to observe and advise on technique.” The simulator also allows residents to practice postpartum hemorrhage management with an actively ‘bleeding’ simulation, giving residents more confidence with patients.


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