Born into a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic, 7-month-old Gabriel is off to a fast start. “He’s moving quicker through babyhood than we would like him to,” said his mother Julia Dwyer.

Gabriel’s progress did not always come smoothly. “He had a tough time when he was born,” said Julia. “I didn’t even get to meet him for 24 hours after giving birth. Then he went to the hospital for jaundice. We didn’t get a good start on breastfeeding.”

To overcome that rough start, Julia turned to the Mother and Baby Clinic at Providence Milwaukie Hospital. Thanks to your generosity, the clinic helps ensure that newborns benefit from breastfeeding and overcome issues like jaundice and weight loss. For moms, the clinic cares for high blood pressure, breast issues, and postpartum depression. The clinic has remained open every day during the pandemic, even creating a no-contact site for families uncomfortable entering the hospital.

Clinic nurses helped Gabriel and Julia learn to breastfeed. They also diagnosed and ensured Gabriel received treatment for a condition that can lead to difficulty breastfeeding and eating solid foods.

“They helped with so many issues. Without those visits, I think I would have stopped breastfeeding,” said Julia.

Donor support is critical to helping moms and babies like Julia and Gabriel. “It allows us to make care available to families close to home,” said Jill Christensen M.D., clinic medical director. “Evening hours, weekend hours, everything we can to make it convenient for moms and babies to get the care they need.”

Julia is grateful for the clinic’s support during the pandemic. “Especially now that I’m vaccinated, it’s great being able to provide him with my own antibodies,” she said. “I know he’s getting them. My milk is tailored right for him.”

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