Jamie Waddle wants her children to eat well. “I want to be healthier, and I want my kids to be healthier since diabetes runs in both mine and my boyfriend’s families. I want my kids to start now to have a broader palate.”

Thanks to your support of the Community Teaching Kitchen, Jamie participated in a new Cooking Matters class for parents and caregivers of children up to age 5. Jamie has two young children. Her daughter is 4, and her son is 1. “My daughter has been really interested in learning how to cook,” said Jamie. “This class came at the right time.”

“I want to get my kids started on eating healthy foods and not junk food, and now is a good time,” she said. “I’ve really enjoyed hearing what cooking tricks others in the class know. I learned what other people do for snacks, which inspired me to get rainbow carrots and make beet hummus. My daughter loved it because of all the colors.”

Jamie wasn’t a confident cook before she took the class. “I’ve become a lot more adventurous in cooking. I’m getting better at adding my own spices and learning to substitute ingredients. Many of the foods we’ve cooked, I would not have tried on my own. It makes cooking more fun too.”

Jamie works long hours, and her boyfriend works the graveyard shift. “It would be easier to grab fast food, but we don’t. We eat at home and we eat together,” she said.

Class participants also visit the food pharmacy after class to select food to take home. The food pharmacy provides a wide variety of dry, fresh and frozen foods to help families who are facing hunger. “It’s been very helpful because I can try different foods and not feel like I’m wasting money. It’s awesome.”

“I would 100% recommend this class to anyone,” said Jamie. Thank you for your gifts that help Jamie and her family live healthier.

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