More than 400 bike helmets found grateful new owners in the Hood River community in 2021. The helmet giveaway is part of the Trauma Nurses Talk Tough program led by Rhonda Fischer, RN, BSN, CEN, trauma nurse coordinator.

Trauma Nurses Talk Tough was created in 1988 by three Portland-area trauma nurses to help school-age children make better decisions and prevent serious injuries. The program includes age-appropriate presentations that help kids and their parents understand the consequences of unsafe behaviors such as biking or skateboarding without a helmet.

Emergency department and trauma nurses present the programs to school kids on the use and safety of protective gear such as bike helmets. Thanks to your support, children in the community from pre-school to high school received helmets. The foundation also participated in the children’s community fair handing out bike helmets.

Kids can also come to the hospital’s emergency room admitting desk and ask for a free bike helmet. They are fitted for the correct size helmet before they leave. Local schools requested bike helmets for biking classes at school and we supplied them with the needed helmets. 

Your donations help us to be able to continue to hand out bike helmets as needed to ensure kids are safe on their bikes.

“The foundation has provided literally hundreds of children with bike helmets through creative, COVID-conscious safety fairs and other events,” said Rhonda. “In addition, high school students have had access to a virtual safety presentation focused on driving safety and drug and alcohol prevention. Trauma statistics showcase the truth that an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure!” Thank you to all our donors who support this vital community program.

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