Martine Sacks, M.D., developmental pediatrician and medical director, Providence Children’s Development Institute, kicked off a new virtual speaker series called DocTalks with a presentation titled “How Childhood Brain Development Affects Us as Adults.”

In her talk, Dr. Sacks shared information about adverse childhood experiences and how those experiences can affect people throughout childhood and into adulthood. Frequent or prolonged exposure to ACEs such as violence, abuse or neglect, or the suicide of a family member, can create toxic stress levels that damage the developing brain of a child and affect overall health.

“The children we see at PCDI have delays, or are at risk of delays, and need additional support to advance through the typical stages of development,” said Dr. Sacks. “We are looking at the ACEs children are having, understanding those ACES and building in help for them.”

Providence Children’s Development Institute has three locations in the Portland area with physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, audiologists, dietitians and psychologists as well as developmental pediatricians and nurse practitioners.

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