Orchard House Community Gathering Space Improvement

Providence Benedictine Nursing Center

Your gifts will help provide enhancements that will better support technology, add light and comfort and create inviting spaces for people to connect.

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A better place to gather


Providence Benedictine Orchard House is committed to honoring the individuals living here by providing compassionate care that enhances each person’s quality of life. Licensed as an assisted living facility, Orchard House provides different levels of personal care services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each resident.

Our experience of the last two years has highlighted the importance of community and spaces that support connections to one another. Updates to the front entrance, lobby and community gathering space will create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere. The community space gets a lot of use from both residents and guests and having an updated area also will make Orchard House more attractive to prospective residents.


Carpeting and paint

New carpeting and a fresh coat of paint will make the common area of Orchard House more appealing and brighten up the space.

Windows and window coverings

New, energy-efficient windows and updated window coverings will make the community space more comfortable while helping reduce heating and cooling costs.


New, modern lighting fixtures will give the space a pleasant feeling and will help ensure residents and visitors can safely navigate the space.

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