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Vulnerable Communities

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“We are a Catholic health system and we have been in the population health business as a matter of mission. Other organizations have caught on to the importance of addressing the social determinants of health, but we have been at this for a long time.”
—Rod Hochman, M.D., President & CEO at Providence, Chair of the American Hospital Association

Providence prioritizes optimal mental health and total wellness for all by working to reduce stigma, expanding timely access to mental health care and substance and physical abuse treatment, and by providing affordable housing and support services to help people live more stable and productive lives—making good on our mission to be steadfast in serving all, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Below are just a few examples of programs that exist across our seven-state system to care for vulnerable communities. Contact your local foundation or to learn more about these and other programs.

  • Work2BeWell, created by teens for teens, empowers youth to focus on their mental health. Through digital wellness and empowerment programming, Work2BeWell works to positively impact the emotional well-being of teens to foster a healthier mental state. The program bridges the conversation around difficult topics and partners with experts to provide a credible crisis line, clinical expertise and educational opportunities.

  • Regional programs like Alaska CARES provide a safe, supportive environment for children who may have suffered sexual or physical abuse, neglect or violence, providing them with a less traumatic experience by streamlining medical, mental and forensic assessments, interviews and examinations, and offering private waiting rooms for families in crisis.

  • Housing is HealthOur founding Sisters believed safe and affordable housing is the right of every human being. Providence combines safe and affordable housing with comprehensive support services for people with low incomes. We have 17 supportive housing programs designed for elderly or disabled individuals, recent immigrants, people living with HIV/AIDS, veterans and homeless men and women.

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With your support, Providence can improve the total wellness of our community, particularly the most vulnerable among us. Thank you for your generous consideration.