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Women and Children’s Institute

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Providence provides comprehensive, integrated care designed for women, newborns and children. Our physicians, nurses and other health care professionals coordinate and collaborate to focus on your family’s unique health care needs. 

Providence Women and Children’s Institute provides a wide range of resources and services for women, children and families. The institute ensures patients receive the highest standards of care, based on evidence-based, scientific approaches to care while also supporting the unique need of each family. This approach translates into greater gynecological health, safer deliveries, healthier newborns and patient who feel supported.  

Health care and wellness programs for women and children are provided in an integrated, family-centered approach. With nearly 100,000 births at Providence hospitals each year, the Women and Children’s Institute provides the first experience for our youngest patients. 

The Women and Children’s Health Institute is committed to providing a lifetime of care for women and their children along with a premier experience and value for simplified, comprehensive coordinated health and wellness services as close to home as possible. 

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