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One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Providence works tirelessly in the areas of patient care, research, education, clinical trials, and cutting-edge treatments for cancer.

Our network of cancer specialists—research scientists; medical, surgical and radiation oncologists; advanced pathologists, diagnostic imaging experts; oncology nurses; physical therapists; nutritionists; support services; social workers; spiritual care providers and more—care for 40,000+ cancer patients each year, including over 7,400 breast cancer, 3,000 bronchus lung cancer, and 2,500 prostate cancer patients.

Leveraging this team of world-class physicians, scientists and medical specialists, Providence ensures patients have access to clinical trials and the most effective treatment options available, customized for them.  

With your generous support, we will advance cancer research to find breakthrough treatments and provide the most advanced care possible.

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Your generous gift gives makes clinical excellence possible and gives doctors access to the latest research, data, best-practice findings and reports, making quality health services available to cancer patients in every community we serve. Thank you for your support of this important work.


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