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    Ora Karp Gordon
  • Galleri was first developed as the result of pre-natal screening blood test detecting mutated DNA strands that didn’t match the mother or baby. This was the beginning of developing a test to detect cancer before any symptoms or signs.
  • Dr. Ora Gordon, now clinical director for Providence’s population health genomics program, leads a clinical study with 5,000 participants to use this blood test to differentiate between 50 different types of cancer. This is part of a national outcomes study called ‘Reflection.’
  • Providence is committed to making this early detection test available to those who are at an elevated risk for certain types of cancer which has low survival rates once symptoms are present. 
“We’re trying to figure out if this is the next thing that we start offering everybody on an annual basis once we have the kind of outcome data that we need to really understand who it’s best for and how we’ll use it.” —Ora Gordon, M.D., M.S., FACMG, Clinical Director for Providence’s Population Health Genomics Program


Listen to the full podcast, originally produced by Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast, August 2022

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