Board of Directors

The National Foundation features a Board of Directors comprised of some of the nation’s most well-regarded thought leaders and doers.

Providence Executive Council

Providence National Foundation is supported by the executive leadership team at Providence, composed of nationally regarded experts in their respective fields.

  • Don Antonucci

    Don Antonucci

    Chief Executive Officer, Providence Health Plan
  • Karen Boudreau

    Karen Boudreau, M.D.

    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Care Management
  • Debra Canales

    Debra Canales

    Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Walter Cathey

    Walter Cathey

    Chief Executive, West Texas & Eastern New Mexico Region
  • Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D.

    Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D.

    President & Chief Clinical Officer
  • Michelle Edwards

    Michelle Edwards

    Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer
  • Jo Ann Escasa-Haigh

    Jo Ann Escasa-Haigh

    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Operations & Business Development
  • Joel Gilberston

    Joel Gilbertson

    Executive Vice President, Chief Executive, Washington & Montana Region
  • Dougal Hewitt

    Dougal Hewitt

    Executive Vice President, Chief Mission Officer
  • Robert Hellrigel

    Robert Hellrigel

    Senior Vice President, Chief Executive, Home & Community Care
  • Greg Hoffman

    Greg Hoffman

    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Orest Holubec

    Orest Holubec

    Executive Vice President, Chief Communications Officer
  • Guy Hudson

    Guy Hudson, M.D.

    President, Puget Sound Region
  • Victor Jordan

    Victor Jordan

    Interim Chief Executive, Northern California Region
  • David Kim

    David Kim, M.D.

    Chief Executive, St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare/Chief Executive, Physician Enterprise
  • Kevin Manemann

    Kevin Manemann

    Chief Executive, Southern California Region/ President & CEO, St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare
  • Aaron Martin

    Aaron Martin

    Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing/Digital Innovation Officer
  • Rhonda Medows

    Rhonda Medows, M.D.

    President, Population Health
  • B.J. Moore

    B.J. Moore

    Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Wasif Rasheed

    Wasif Rasheed

    Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue & Growth Officer
  • Alison Santore

    Ali Santore

    Executive Vice President, Chief Advocacy Officer
  • Jigar Shah

    Jigar Shah

    Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Preston Simmons

    Preston Simmons

    Senior Vice President, Chief Executive, Alaska Region
  • Kristina Hansen Smith

    Kristina Hansen Smith

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Lead, Government Services
  • Greg Till

    Greg Till

    Chief People Officer
  • Sylvain Trepanier

    Sylvain Trepanier, DNP, RN

    Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Vacca

    Sheryl Vacca

    Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Officer
  • Lisa Vance

    Lisa Vance

    President, Strategic Operations, North
  • Michael Waters

    Michael Waters

    Executive Vice President, Ambulatory Care Network
  • Erik Wexler

    Erik Wexler

    President, Strategic Operations, South
  • John Whipple

    John Whipple

    Deputy General Counsel
  • MIchael White

    Michael White

    President, Providence Health Plan