Neurosciences and Mental Health

At Providence St. Patrick Hospital

Neurosciences and Mental Health is home to specialists who offer skilled treatment from common and rare brain, spine and nerve disorders to mental illnesses, emotional well-being, and substance abuse with unparalleled dedication and compassion. We focus on a path of healing through lifestyle changes, family therapy, medication and psychotherapy by caring for the whole person.
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Bringing together our Neuroscience and Mental Health teams provides patients with a destination for brain and behavioral health, offering much more collaborative opportunities for providers and patients.

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Neurosurgery Excellence, Dr. Stephen Campbell

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Your support brings better and more effective treatment to Montana patients and their families.

Adolescent Mental Health Expansion

The 14-bed Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric addition ensures adolescents 12 to 17 years old experiencing mental or behavioral health issues receive the critical care needed in a carefully designed unit that provides a therapeutic, flexible, safe environment.

Emergency Department Mental Health Pod

With the addition of 3 mental health rooms located adjacent to the Emergency Department, patients experiencing mental or behavioral health issues are provided care with dignity, respect and compassion in a private and safe environment.

Mission Lifeline Stroke Program

American Heart Association awarded our Neuroscience Stroke Center a multi-year tertiary grant of $72,000 to transform stroke care by connecting all components of acute stroke treatment into an integrated system to help save lives.


Our Philanthropic Needs

  • Population Health

    Population Health helps transform healthcare for optimal outcomes and better experiences for patients, families, and our communities. We work collaboratively with our community, Providence leadership, and regional systems to better understand our opportunities and build solutions to deliver exemplary and sustainable whole-person care.
  • Neurobehavioral Medicine

    Neurobehavioral Medicine is more than mental health. It includes the treatment of mental illnesses, emotional well-being, substance abuse, and other addictive behaviors. We focus on a path of healing through lifestyle changes, family therapy, medication and psychotherapy by caring for the whole person.
  • Area of Greatest Need

    Help us remain flexible to address specific priorities and take advantage of unexpected opportunities so we can best serve our patients and families.

Adolescent Mental Health Expansion, Compassionate Care


"We are so grateful for the compassionate and genuine care received from the providers and nurses at the Adolescent Mental Health facility. Our son was treated with the upmost respect and dignity as he struggled with behavioral issues as a teen. Having our son close to home while receiving treated meant our family could see him everyday. Not only were the providers amazing, the nursing staff went above and beyond to make sure he stayed on top of his school work and had down time to relax. We thank you whole-heartedly for being the light our son needed."

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