SPECT/CT camera

The Providence Montana Health Foundation is honored to share exciting news that will further enhance the outstanding care provided by the Providence Heart Institute to patients here at St. Pat’s.

Foundation board member Colleen Powers and Foundation CPO Fran Albrecht met with Bill and Dr. Jeanne Wilson of Missoula to share with them the critical need for a new nuclear med camera specifically for cardiology.

The outstanding treatment the Wilsons and their family members have received at St. Pat’s continues to inspire them. They understand the role of philanthropy in ensuring continued excellence at St. Pat’s, as illustrated by their gift last year of $250,000 to help fund completion of the CDU. The Wilsons are so pleased to be able to contribute $1.4 million to fully fund cost of this equipment and installation.

Congratulations to the Providence Heart Institute and the multitude of heart patients who will benefit from this gift. This will also impact non-cardiac patients, lightening the general SPECT/CT camera schedule for bone, HIDA and lung scans, and add urgent exams for cardiac patients.

Thank you to all caregivers for partnering with the Foundation and for continuing to provide the outstanding and compassionate care that inspires our community and patients to give back.