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Many unexpected needs come up every year. A gift to the Area of Greatest Need Fund allows the foundation to remain responsive and flexible to best meet those ever changing needs.
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Preparing for the Unexpected


Unexpected patient and caregiver needs arise every day - from new program supplies to unexpected care assistance requests to holiday asks so our patients struggling to get by can still create a fun and festive Christmas for their families.

Donations to the Area of Greatest Need Fund helps Providence TrinityCare Foundation remain responsive to the every changing economic landscape. We can leverage these dollars to help fill gaps and enhance experiences so that our patients and their families receive the kind of compassionate and comprehensive care they deserve.

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Two Gracious Hearts

Strength of Family

If I’m honest with myself, I knew Dad was dying at Sunday by the Sea. I was very conscious of hanging on his every word and staying by his side in his new wheelchair. Dad was so happy to be surrounded and so adored by the Trinity Hospice staff, as a longtime donor and with Mom on the board for a decade. It always feels like family.

About a week later, our feelings were confirmed by Dad’s advanced cancer diagnosis. As much as the Providence staff wanted to care for him in the hospital, we all knew he wanted to be home. From the minute we understood what lay ahead of us, the Trinity staff was all around us with support, understanding, and significant compassion.

We started with in-home care, but quickly realized he was beyond that stage. Sharon Moon arrived not a moment too soon, commanding the situation from chaotic to calm in an instant. Once she made Dad comfortable, she turned her attention to the family and even the dog, who was trying to understand why she couldn’t sit next to Dad.

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