Caregivers, and community and business leaders gathered for the blessing of The Healing Garden at the Douglas and J. Glass Center in Torrance. This garden, made possible by a very generous gift of philanthropy, was carefully designed as a special space for healing and meditation.

Kohei Owatari and his team at Modern Zen Garden in San Diego designed the garden, under the direction of Dr. Glen Komatsu, Chief Medical Officer, Providence TrinityCare. The garden is a quiet protected space for caregivers to take time from the physical and emotional demands of their job to rest, re-charge, meditate and pray.

The Garden is also a showcase for special tiles that are decorating the exterior wall "in honor" and "in memory" of others. If you are interested in a tour of the Glass Center including the Healing Garden, we would welcome you to contact us and come by. Anyone is welcome to visit at any time.

"What I love about the garden is the natural elements that feel really grounding. If I am having a challenging day I sit on the jagged stone bench and take in the nature and sounds of the water and birds. I love the jagged stone bench because it’s imperfection feels most natural to me so it’s actually quite perfect and on certain days when the sun has been on it I can lay down and it feels like a hot stone treatment…and I don’t have to pay for it!  Whether I am having a good, or not so good day, I will always feel better spending some time in our amazing garden. I'm thankful our Foundation was able to create this healing space." - Margaret Servin, MSW, TrinityKids Care.