Because estate gifts are so important to the Foundation, the Queen’s Heritage Circle was established. The Queen’s Heritage Circle is made up of community members who have named the Queen in their estate plans. Queen’s Heritage Circle has two simple goals: to recognize and thank our generous members and to keep our members informed about significant developments at Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

There are numerous gift types that qualify for membership in the Queen’s Heritage Circle. To become a member, simply inform the Foundation that the Queen is named in your estate plan. There is no requirement to share the planned amount or the terms of your gift.

There is a simple form to complete so that we know how you would like to be recognized and how to contact you for invitations to our special luncheons and events. Each year, members of Queen’s Heritage Circle are invited to attend a special luncheon and hear from one of the Queen leading physicians or wealth management professionals.


Wills and Trusts


A simple way to support the Queen of the Valley Foundation is to provide for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to pass to the Queen when you are no longer living. You may also give a specific asset. Such gifts may also provide tax advantages by reducing the value of your estate for tax purposes.

The following sample language may assist you in arranging a legacy to Queen of the Valley Foundation:

“I, [name], give to Queen of the Valley Foundation, of Napa, California, for its unrestricted use 1) ______________dollars, or 2) ______________percent of my estate, or 3) ______________(describe the property, i.e., 100 shares of Google stock).”


"Penstroke" Gifts


"Penstroke" gifts are gifts that do not require cash, can be changed by the donor, and can be made by a donor changing ownership to an asset or naming the Queen as a beneficiary, by the simple stroke of a pen!

Common types of penstroke gifts include:

Life Insurance - The donor names the Queen as a beneficiary of their policy. Also, if a policy has a cash value, the donor may change the policy ownership to the Queen.

IRA Account - The donor names the Queen as a beneficiary of their IRA account. As tax rates are high when these assets are passed to non-spousal heirs, this can be a tax efficient way to include the Queen in an estate plan and leave other, more favorable assets to children and grandchildren.

Savings Bonds - The donor names the Queen as beneficiary of a savings bond(s) in their will document.

Commercial Annuities - The donor names the Queen as an owner or partial beneficiary of an annuity.

“Totten Trust” - The donor names the Queen as payee upon death for a brokerage, checking, savings account.

For more information about the Queen's Heritage Circle, contact Damon Tinnon, Gift Planning Director, at or 707-257-4144.