Every year more than 100 cancer patients and survivors rely on the Queen's Cancer Wellness Program.

"Mentally, physically and emotionally, the Cancer Wellness Program helped me regain a positive outlook on life and to look towards a healthy future. This was made possible by donors, like you, and I am so grateful." - Krista Galyen

With a physician referral, Queen of the Valley’s 12-week Cancer Wellness Program is available free of charge to all cancer patients who reside in the Napa Valley, regardless of where they are treated, and for all patients treated at the Queen, regardless of where they live.

 This critical program offers a personalized plan for exercise; nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian; individual counseling sessions with a licensed therapist and/or meditative wellness coach; individual sessions with a Rosen Method/Comfort Touch practitioner; information about community resources and organizations that serve cancer patients in the journey to becoming a proactive cancer survivor.

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