Investing In Our Community

Downton Napa circa 1950

Queen of the Valley Foundation was established in 1969 by 32 visionary community leaders. Many of these individuals had been involved in raising the funds needed to build the hospital a decade earlier. They formalized their efforts by creating a separate corporation that would continue to provide support into the future.

Our Founders’ mission was to make certain that funding would always be available to sustain the highest-quality health care possible, and that it would be available to everyone who visits, lives and works in Napa County.

More than half a century later, $119 million has been raised by donors, like you, who understand that Napa’s standard of health care depends on the level of your own commitment. Thanks to your efforts, and to your generosity, we are able to provide world-class care where we live.

Founding Trustees

  • Jack Ashby

  • Joseph Bell

  • Otto Beringer

  • William Brooks

  • E.F. Brovelli

  • Ray Cavagnaro

  • Robert Dalton

  • Frank Dunlap

  • Walter Fogarty, Sr.

  • Francis Frisch

  • Albert Frommelt

  • Peter A. Gasser

  • Vernice H. Gasser

  • Brother U. Gregory, F.S.C.

  • Ernie Ilsley

  • Karnig Kenchelian

  • Honorable Thomas Kongsgaard

  • Marge Lamoreaux

  • James Maggnetti

  • Louis Martini, Jr.

  • Thomas May

  • Robert Mondavi

  • Edna Murray

  • Charles Niccolls

  • Elvira Ross

  • Eloise Rota

  • Virgina Simms

  • Alex Stornetta

  • Charles Stornetta

  • Jack Streblow

  • Casey Walsh

  • Arthur Youngberg

Our Impact

From the beginning, Queen of the Valley has relied on private philanthropy. Donor contributions have helped the Queen make significant investments in health care, from the nursing units, to the Mobile Dental Clinic that serves some of Napa’s most vulnerable residents. 

Donor investments have helped fund such projects as the Wellness Center, the Herman Family Pavilion and the Profili Imaging Center as well as technology, equipment, services and programs housed throughout the entire medical center. These investments make an impact on the thousands of Queen's patients each year.

Outpatient Visits
Emergency Department Visits
Hospital Admissions
Queen of the Valley Medical Center entrance

Why Support Our Foundation

The funds raised by donors like you have and continue to help the Queen fulfill one of our primary goals—to provide as many services locally as possible that our community needs. This ability to serve our friends and neighbors is an essential part of the critical continuum of care required to maintain a healthy community.

Hall of Honor

When someone chooses to be cared for at the Queen rather than a hospital out of the area, the revenue is kept here in our community. This allows us not only to continually reinvest in the hospital, but to provide services to the most vulnerable through Community Health Investment. It also enables us to invest in other local nonprofit organizations, such as Collabria Care, OLE Health and Mentis, that provide essential services to complete the circle of care.

Your gifts help purchase equipment and technology that may not otherwise be possible without philanthropy. Having that advanced equipment and technology, in turn, helps us recruit and retain top physician talent which leads to better quality outcomes for all our patients.

We simply could not do all that we do for our patients without your support. Thank you for being our partners: together we are making a difference that means so much to all of us.