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Queen of the Valley Foundation

From the beginning, Queen of the Valley has relied on private philanthropy. Donor contributions have helped the Queen make significant investments in health care and impact thousands of patients each year.
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At Providence Queen of the Valley Medical Center, we care for you, our neighbors, our friends, our families and each other. Your gifts help support our efforts every day and in a time of crisis. Last year, the impact was felt deeply by the patients and caregivers who crossed our threshold.

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The funds raised by donors like you have and continue to help the Queen fulfill one of our primary goals, which is to provide world-class medical care where we live. This ability to serve our families, friends and neighbors is an essential part of the continuum of care required to maintain a healthy community.


Celebrating 50 Years: Queen of the Valley Foundation


Our Funding Priorities

Since its inception 50-plus years ago, Queen of the Valley Foundation has raised more than $119 million for facilities, equipment, technology, programs and services at Queen of the Valley Medical Center through the generosity of the Napa Valley community.

  • Emergency Services

    Queen of the Valley Foundation
    Supports Queen of the Valley’s Gasser Emergency Center to provide advanced life-saving care 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Obstetrics and Intensive Care Nursery

    Queen of the Valley Foundation
    Provides a strong start to our tiniest, most vulnerable patients by supporting the renovation of our Labor and Delivery Unit and the expansion of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Cancer Wellness Program and Cancer Services

    Queen of the Valley Foundation
    Funds cancer programs, services, equipment and technology, such as 3D Mammography and the Cancer Wellness Program.
  • Cardiac Care Program

    Queen of the Valley Foundation
    Provides life-saving cardiac care by supporting the Queen of the Valley's Cath Lab and on-call cardiologist program.
  • Stroke and Neurology Program

    Queen of the Valley Foundation
    Helps to ensure stroke patients are treated during that "golden window" of opportunity for optimal outcomes by supporting the Queen's stroke services.
  • Where the Need is Greatest

    Queen of the Valley Foundation
    Helps ensure that the Queen can be ready for any patient, any situation and any crisis at any time.

A Heartsafe Community

A stranger saved Boris' life with CPR, the Queen extended it with two stents.

Boris Guillome experienced sudden cardiac arrest at the movies. Thanks to the kindness of strangers—and the excellent care he received at Queen of the Valley Medical Center—he lived to tell his story.

As he looked back on that fateful day, Boris recalled that as the movie previews started, he felt tightness in his chest. When the pain intensified; he knew something was wrong. Boris staggered towards the lobby, making it only to the ticket stand, where a custodian helped him to a bench. Then everything went black; his heart had stopped.

That’s when the clock started ticking for Boris because “time is muscle.” The faster a physician can restore vital blood flow, the less likelihood there is of long-term damage to the heart muscle.

 Lucky for Boris, Sean Reiswig had just entered the theater with his family. Watching Boris fall to the ground, Sean, whose own father had died from a heart attack exactly two weeks earlier, knew he had to help. While the custodian called 911, Sean checked Boris for breathing, rolled him on to his back and began CPR.

Napa City Fire Department paramedics arrived minutes later and immediately set up communication with the radio nurse at Queen of the Valley Medical Center’s Gasser Emergency Center (ED). The paramedics resuscitated Boris by shocking his heart with an assisted external defibrillator and conducted an ECG—the first test when cardiac arrest is suspected—to record the electrical activity of his heart.


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