Campaign for a CT Scanner

Petaluma Valley Hospital

High-quality imaging saves lives. You can help us provide better patient care and save more lives when you support PVH Foundation's $1.5 million campaign for a new Siemens SOMATOM Definition Edge 128-Slice Computerized Tomography (CT) scanner.
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Petaluma Valley Hospital's current 64-Slice CT scanner offered state-of-the-art care for our southern Sonoma County communities when it was installed 14 years ago. Since then, technology has improved dramatically. A new 128-slice scanner will provide sharper images more rapidly, and more accurately diagnose conditions and monitor disease, all with lower doses of radiation. We are asking our community to provide $1.5 million of the total cost of $3 million. When you Put Yourself in the Picture by supporting this important campaign, you will help assure that our community has the most sophisticated equipment available, here close to home. Your gift will help save lives, for many years to come.

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How CT Scans Impact Care

Your support provides high-tech imaging to ensure accurate diagnoses and results-driven care.

Improved Efficiency with Time-Sensitive Diagnoses

Time saves lives. Being able to perform CT scans rapidly is critically important – particularly in the case of a traumatic injury or a mass casualty accident. Forty percent of all CT images at Petaluma Valley Hospital are ordered for patients in the Emergency Department.

Improved Diagnostic Capability with Access to a Broader Variety of Scans

  • A greater array of specialty exams will be available here in south Sonoma County, reducing the need to travel for vital diagnoses.
  • The newest technology provides excellent tissue evaluation for pediatric and obese patients.
  • The new technology will particularly benefit patients who are unable to remain still for long periods, or those with scans involving fast moving organs such as the heart.

Reduced Radiation

  • Because this CT scanner is dramatically faster, motion artifacts (blurring caused by movement) are reduced. Additionally, scans are performed accurately the first time resulting in faster, more accurate information.
  • The ability to generate ultra-thin slices results in a reduction in patient radiation exposure.


Your Support is More Vital Than Ever Before

Petaluma Valley Hospital and the community we serve enjoy close a connection of caring and support for each other. Your generosity has enabled the hospital to offer a level of care not usually found in a hospital of our size. Once again, we ask you to make a gift to the hospital to bring this cutting-edge technology to our community.

You can support this campaign and Put Yourself in the Picture by making a one-time gift, pledging your support through monthly donations or making a multi-year pledge. If your company offers matching gifts, please let us know and we will follow up with you. The Petaluma Valley Hospital Foundation has committed to raising $1.5 million of the $3 million cost of the CT scanner.

 To learn more, please contact Brett Shinn with the Petaluma Valley Hospital Foundation at 707-778-2796 or via email: Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and generosity.