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Providence Community Health Foundation Napa Valley

Patient Assistance ensures that all members of our community are able to receive our services—regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay.
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When families do not have the ability to pay and don’t qualify for government help such as Medi-Cal or Medicare, our Foundation steps in. And when our families do not have the basic necessities such as food, medicine and electricity, our Foundation is here to help.

Regardless of circumstances, Providence Community Health Foundation Napa Valley is here to bridge the financial gap for some of the most vulnerable among us. We have three major funds that help ensure that families receive the best possible care while maintaining necessities of life.

Our Palliative Charity Care and Day Program Scholarship Funds ensure that patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or in crisis have access to our compassionate person-centered care.

Our Necessities of Life program helps patients, and their families pay for basic essentials or enjoy special moments that will add meaning to their final days. This program can help fulfill a final wish for a quiet anniversary celebration or birthday, assist with travel costs to bring a distant family member to a patient’s bedside or funeral, pay for groceries or utility bills, or help pay for short-term in-home emergency caregiving support.

 Families often require a great deal of support when going through the death of a loved one. Thanks to the generosity of our community donors, like you, our Foundation is honored to be able to make a difference in our patients’ and families’ final days.

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