Alzheimer's & Dementia Services

Your donation means no one has to face Alzheimer's or dementia alone.

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Caring for Our Community


Since 1999, we have been the designated Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center (ADCRC) for Napa County, providing quality, specialized dementia care at our Day Program for people in the moderate to advance stages of the disease, and crucial education, respite and support for their caregivers as well as anyone needing support in our community.

Together with your donations, we can continue to expand our Alzheimer’s and dementia services to care for individuals, caregivers and families and meet the growing needs of the aging population in Napa County. 

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Key Alzheimer's and Dementia Services

Mind Boosters
Offered in both English and Spanish, Mind Boosters is a social program that provides instructor-led therapeutic activities, education, and resources for those in the early stages of memory loss or dementia. The philosophy of Mind Boosters is based on the belief that a person that is experiencing early memory loss is a vital, productive, and valuable member of the community.
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Family Consultations
Available on site, in the caregiver's home, or by conference call, our Community Health Napa Valley's licensed social worker provides no cost family consultations. This important community service helps family members understand their loved one’s disease, what to expect, and learn tips and tools to ensure safety, improve communication, and manage challenging behaviors.
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Memory Screenings
If you suspect that you or a loved one are in the early stages of memory loss our skilled clinicians can provide a no cost memory screening on-site or in the privacy of your own home. Using evidenced-based tools, we can help identify dementia or mild impairment, provide feedback, referrals, and work with you to determine next steps.
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Caregiver Support Groups
Support groups can be critical for caregivers to take care of their own health and wellbeing. Offered online in English and Spanish, these groups provide comfort and reassurance, and can be a great source of practical advice from others with similar experiences.

Brandon and Meg's Story

Brandon and Meg Patterson and his parents

When we made the decision to move in with my parents, we didn’t know that Alzheimer’s and dementia would affect more than their memory.

Helping them with their daily tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, and then mediating their tense interactions became a full-time job.

Overwhelmed, with little help from our family and friends, we quickly became stressed and exhausted ourselves. On top of that, I felt a deep sense of loss; my parents were still there, but they just weren’t the Mom and Dad I’d known all my life.   

When it became clear that they—especially Mom, who had been so active and engaged in the community—needed more than we could give, Mom’s doctor recommended the Collabria Day Program. It changed everything for us.


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