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Investing in the latest technology will bring minimally invasive, modern neurosurgical intervention to Humboldt. 
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Investing in the latest technology will bring minimally invasive, modern neurosurgical intervention to Humboldt. This technology will ensure the highest level of safety and precision when removing brain tumors or implanting surgical materials in the spine. These hi-tech tools have been shown to double the accuracy of spinal hardware placement. New equipment will mean our physicians no longer have to turn away complex juvenile cases. Instead of sending teenage patients with severe degenerative spinal issues to the Bay Area every year for treatment, we will be able to care for those kids and their families right here at home.

The development of a Primary Stroke Center at the institute is already underway. These additional enhancements will also put us on the path toward certification as a Center of Excellence for Brain Tumors; providing the best for our patients close to home, working to Keep Care Local.



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Integrated Surgical Suite Needs

  • Mazor Intraoperative Robot

    Goal: $500,000
    This automated robotic arm holds key surgical instrumentation in place for the surgeon. Robotic guidance then helps our surgeons execute the custom surgical plan with exceptional precision through micro incisions.
  • S8 Stealth Image-Guided System

    Goal: $150,000
    The intuitive StealthStation™ S8 system enables clear visualization and surgical navigation of every segment in the spine.
  • O-Arm Intraoperative CT Platform

    Goal: $600,000
    The O-arm Surgical Imaging System provides real-time, intra-operative imaging of a patient’s anatomy with high quality images and a large field-of-view in both two and three dimensions.

Living without pain

Decades as a highly-driven and successful court reporter left Trinidad resident Katherine Wayne with wrist and neck pain so unbearable, she was forced into early retirement. When she no longer felt able to function normally, she sought treatment from neurosurgeon Dr. John Aryanpur. Within weeks of her surgery, Katherine was able to move about and use her arms and hands without tears of pain.

Inspired by her own incredible treatment and care as well as her dedication to volunteer work, Katherine & her husband Bruce are generous donors to many initiatives at our hospital and are committed to ensuring excellence in Humboldt County healthcare

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