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St. Joseph Hospital Cancer Care Center

Cancer care is the cornerstone of the Centennial Campaign. Fighting this disease that in some way touches us all, is a top priority.
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Cancer care is the cornerstone of the Centennial Campaign. Fighting this disease that in some way touches us all, is a top priority. Supporting equipment needs will provide a new PET/CT scanner and highly specialized camera systems for diagnosis and treatment. This will complement the current radiation oncology equipment, which is already at the same level as hospitals in the Bay Area and larger facilities. The addition of a newly released RayStation 4D Treatment Planning System would add groundbreaking technology to the toolbox of our cancer specialists.

Approved by the American College of Surgeons, our highly-skilled physicians and cancer care team members launched an Oncology Urgent Care, allowing patients to bypass the Emergency Department and directly get the specialized attention they need. Clinical trials are ongoing in the search to treat COVID-19. Additional funding will ensure that research program is able to continue on into the fight against cancer.

Partnering together in this vital project will assure our program continues to offer the best possible treatment for all whose lives are affected by cancer.

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Our Philanthropic Needs

  • RayStation 4D Treatment Planning System

    Goal: $300,000
    RayStation is a comprehensive treatment planning system for radiation therapy. RayStation can help revolutionize the planning process and quality.
  • Dual C-Rad Camera Surface Tracking Systems

    Goal: $600,000
    C-RAD ensures precision, safety and efficiency in advanced radiation therapy, helping to cure more cancer patients and improve their quality of life.
  • New PET/CT equipment & facility

    Goal: 1,000,000
    Combined PET/CT scans help pinpoint abnormal metabolic activity and may provide more accurate diagnoses than the two scans performed separately.

Continuing The Life He Loves

A retired Eureka law enforcement officer, Tom Allen and his wife Kim feared the worst when doctors found a tumor at the base of his spine that threatened his chances of walking or even surviving at all.

Thanks to the combined treatments of stereotactic surgery, chemotherapy, and the loving care and counseling provided by the St. Joseph cancer team, Tom is in remission and continuing the life he loves.

Our state of the art, multi-specialty, and comprehensive cancer treatment program—on the same level with institutes such as Stanford—has given health and hope, treating more than 600 patients per year like Tom, providing world class care, close to home

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